The Emperor

The EmperorThe laws of the universe call upon us to build a solid material foundation as basis for our journey. But we also need to verify that we are acting out of the right motives and not trying to fulfill social expectations.

The Emperor represents an important principle: in order to be successful in the spiritual world we must first succeed and establish ourselves in the material world. But at the same time it is important to verify that our goal truly represent our wants and needs and not those of our environment.

The card deals with order, stability, organization, management and authority. It represents material success, professional prosperity, management abilities and a natural knack for handling money and wealth.

Although we know how to control the material world, it is also important for us to learn to express ourselves and speak truly -from the heart. It is especially important in relationships where we tend to escape to the familiar place of trying to manage the other party. What we really need to do is simply express our wants and needs.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  We are looking for long-term relationship stability
The card also represents a female attraction to a male (the Emperor).
 We do not express feelings, we try to manage the other side.
Career  An excellent employee and exceptional manager, we know how to delegate and get result.  Lacking patience, being a perfectionist, unwilling to compromise.

Areas of particular relevance:
Management, career, business, money, law, father