The High Priest / Hierophant

The High Priest/HierophantThe laws of the universe instruct us to act according to our inner truth. Once we do so we will get help and guidance from our environment. Out inner truth is so important that if we do not act accordingly nature’s opposing forces will rise and act to trip us.

The High Priest calls upon us to deal with what is authentic for us, our inner truth. It is important that we listen to our heart and walk the right path – enabling everything else to fall into place. The card indicates that this is a good time to start executing our ideas. Once we do so we will receive support from those around us. And we need to remember that only when we believe in ourselves will others follow. It is important to understand that we have no choice but follow our inner truth because otherwise opposing forces, materializing as the devil, will start to act against us.

It is important for us to utilize others around us to guide and counsel us, enabling us to view the situation from several angles, and this in turn will strengthen us. At the same time it is important to remember that only we know what is right for us. Although it is important to consult with others the final decision and the associated responsibility falls squarely upon our own shoulders. No one else can make our decision for us.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  The card represents true love and call upon us to follow our heart, our environment is supportive of our true love.  We are afraid to take the next step and advance to the next level.
Career  We like to work hard –especially when challenged, help out, support our environment in their own quest for self improvement.  We might be afraid of making hard decisions and implementing changes when needed.

Areas of particular relevance:
Religion and faith, religious institutions, getting the truth out into the open, medicine