The Fool

The FoolWe are ready to move forward and know what is right for us. At the same time we must not sacrifice our freedom for the sake of conventions or peer pressure. The laws of the universe call upon us to live out of our imagination -not out of our memory.

The Fool is a card that sends a clear message: it calls upon us to re-examine our lives and ask ourselves – are we really free? We need to put our freedom at the top of our priorities – the freedom to live based on our own beliefs. Until we do so we will not be able to fulfill the goals we had set.

The card indicates that we know what is right for us and should insist on our path despite other’s misgivings. We must trust our gut feeling to be our only true guide. The card might often indicate that due to conventions and peer pressure we are about to give up on something which is paramount to us. We therefore must let go of our past which is binding us via memories of that which once was. Instead, we have to live out of our imagination of that which still may be –new beginnings that will lead to everything that is right and true in our lives.

The spiritual lesson: there is no price for freedom! If we find ourselves at a place in life where we continuously suffer, then no compensation, material or other, can match our happiness once we set ourselves free.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Flowing well and open for propositions.  We like freedom and don’t want to commit, we do not persist nor put in the effort, miscommunication.
Career  We have goof ides and can think outside the box.  We do as we please and cannot accept authority, lack discipline, tend to be irresponsible, lazy, aloof.

Please note that this card, just like the High Priestess and the Moon, does not provide a clear and definite answer.

Areas of particular relevance:
Freedom, new beginnings, breaking free of our chains