The Magician

The MagicianOur intuition, ideas and plans are correct. The laws of the universe call upon us to execute them and bring them into being. We have to overcome our misgivings and act decisively – otherwise our plans will never take form.

The Magician indicates that we know what we want and have full knowledge, ability and potential to achieve it. We are aware of our intuition and have solid inner knowledge. We are well connected to the here-and-now yet are fully aware, alert and ready for anything that might come our way. And we know how to use all of these abilities to create something where nothing existing before – and reach our goal.

Yet, we need also remember that this is a Major Tarot card, so it indicates insights and theories rather than results. In order for things to materialize we need to bring our ideas down to earth. And most importantly: we need to act – otherwise nothing will ever happen. We should not be wary of using our power or doing what we want. Thoughts such as “what will happen if…” or “I don’t feel comfortable to do it” are not relevant and might in themselves represent the problem we need to overcome.
We need, and should, be the magicians of our lives!

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  We are being captivating, charming, act as an excellent suitor and serve as someone it is easy to fall for.  We are acting erratically, tend to think only of ourselves, tend to disappear when being needed.
Career  We are hard-working, offer good ideas and deliver results.  We focus only on our own interests, tend to be too aggressive, promote ideas we do not believe in, probably are overqualified for the job.

Areas of particular relevance:
Interpersonal communication, sales, manipulations