The Hermit

The HermitThe Laws of the universe say that if we planned and acted correctly all that is left to do is let go of the will to get specific results and simply wait patiently. If we wait knowing that we acted correctly the results will come.

The Hermit represents our need for patience. If we planned and executed in the best way then there is nothing more to do but wait and let go of our wish for quick and specific results. Patience and time will bring us the desired results – all we need to do is simply wait.

If it becomes clear that our planning or action were not correct then we need to understand that the answer we seek lies deep inside. We do not need help or advice but simply have to find the time to be alone so we can neutralize others’ bad influence -an influence that can lead us in the wrong direction. When we cleanse ourselves we can know for certain what is right for us. Only then can we go back and do the right thing.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  _  In a relationship: feeling alone
While not in a relationship: rejection of potential partner because it threatens our bachelorhood.
Career  Implementation of wisdom and life experience, business maturity, careful and correct decisions making.  Miscommunication, formality, unsocial, tendency not to listen to our inner voice and adopt the popular view instead.

Areas of particular relevance: Loneliness, meditation, learning.