StrengthThe Laws of the universe teach us that control comes from within -from a peaceful and confident place inside us. We are on the right track and have to simply trust the inner force that guides us –even if it seems illogical or conflicts with our wish at the moment.

Strength shows that although we might have temporarily lost balance, we are at the right place and heading in the right direction. If we feel threatened and out of control it is because we became disconnected from ourselves, our problems and our motives. In this case we need to regain our self-confidence and understand that the basis for everything that happens in the world outside lies within us.

In this case what blocks us lies deep within us and therefore there is no need for an external action. We need to enter a process in which we confront the temptation to try to control our reality by force. Instead we will learn to gain self control that comes from self-confidence and full belief in our chosen path. This way we will create a new reality, a reality in which we decide how our lives will unfold.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Good sexuality, physical attraction, partnership, self confidence.  Lack of confidence, tendency to keep checking where things stand and not laying back and enjoying the relationship.
Career  We enjoy our work and life in general.  We tend to do things by ourselves, we have lack self-confidence which in turn impacts our energy and creativity.

Areas of particular relevance: Sexuality, control, self-confidence.