The Moon

The MoonThe laws of the universe state that we carry emotional baggage from our past, and it sometimes takes over our lives and runs it without our knowledge. To get back in control we need to take a journey into our subconscious, potentially using professional help, and solve our issues.

The Moon indicates that we face a period of uncertainty and lack of stability in our lives. We are confused, distressed, feel helpless and seek a way out. It is important to understand that the key to our problem lies in the fact that we carry emotional baggage from our past that manages our lives without our awareness and without our consent.

The Moon calls upon us to understand that the tough period we face will not disappear by itself and that we need to actively solve our problem –especially so since the situation is unbearable. We need to disperse the fog that shrouds the issue at hand and remember that most times the source of the problem is emotional and that we tend to blow things out of proportion. We need to understand that we need help and need to find some structure in which we can communicate, express our feelings and organize our thoughts. This personal work will lead us in the right direction and eventually it will resolve the issue.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Readiness for a stable relationship, good time for love. Tendency for being over emotional, fears and doubts, uncertainty, hardship and depression, fear of losing, unhealthy relationship with the mother.
Career Good intuition Fears and doubts, fear of failure, acting from an unbalanced state, fear of losing one’s job.

Areas of particular relevance:
Mother, negative influence of the mother, psychology, depression, emotional distress.