The Star

The StarThe laws of the universe state that there is place in our lives for honesty, innocence and love. This actually was the first state in which we started our lives -but then worries, fears and hardship entered our lives and things changed. Going back to this place is not easy! We have to heal ourselves via self cleansing and contending with the same topics that hurt us the most.

Appearance of the Star indicates that the issue at hand is supposed to bring us to a state in which we love who we are and what we do. As kids this is exactly how we started our lives but then worries, fears and hardship entered our lives and things changed. Now, we find ourselves worried that something about the issue at hand will go wrong – leading to an unbalanced state from which things can only go downhill.

To reach an ideal state of being, we first need to take care of those things that obstruct and obscure our way in life. We need to open our very own personal Pandora’s box, take out the dirt and cleanse ourselves. We need to courageously confront our fears, problems, and painful memories and talk about what is bothering us. To resolve our problems we need to be pure and honest about ourselves.

The Star is a very optimistic card full of hope, love, happiness and success. Most of all the Star signifies purity, honesty and innocence.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  honesty, openness, true love, trust, willingness to develop a deep and honest relationship.  Being naïve, failing to act according to the rules of courtship.
Career  Willingness to help and support others, forward thinking, honesty, trustworthy employee or employer.  Over-optimism, tendency to quickly trust others and get disappointed.

Areas of particular relevance:
Love and courtship, innocence, honesty, a hidden secret