The Chariot

The ChariotThe laws of the universe forbid us to give up on what is important for us -otherwise we will give it up forever. We must insist and fight for our dream with everything we got.

The Chariot calls upon is not to give up: not to give up on our dream, not to give up on what we believe in! The card provides us with the legitimacy to be assertive, decisive and stubborn in order to fulfill our dream –whatever it is.

This is a card of tough decisions and resolute actions. Its appearance indicates that we must not give up, not this time! It is important to understand that if we give up this time something inside us will die. This time things have to be different. If we act swiftly and decisively, if we become direct and strong-minded we will succeed!

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  We fight for the relationship we believe in, a proactive and assertive suitor.  Quarrels, possible oppression, one-sided concession.
Career  Assertive when needed and knows to be firm when needed.  Find it hard to decide, tend to give up too easily, have a short fuse.

Areas of particular relevance: Quarrels, difficulties, wars.