The Devil

The DevilThe laws of the universe state that where there is no light darkness governs. Without truth we will get lies and neglect, we will surrender to urges, get carried away and lose control. This is a warning sign – in order to succeed we need to follow our inner truth.

When the Devil shows up it serves as a clear warning sign. It usually indicates that we live a lie and act out of the wrong reasons. We get addicted, surrender to urges, instincts and passions and let these rule us and control the issue at hand. As a result we start to lose control of our actions and our lives. Our environment is not supportive and can even be destructive causing the situation to further deteriorate.

The Devil deals with neglect and shows that we have neglected the issue at hand and whatever is most important to us in our lives. It indicates that something very important to us is not coming into being -a certain truth we have not expressed. As we neglect that which is most important to us we will come across additional temptations and face tougher lessons, this in turn will attract misguiding influences and wrong persons into our lives.
We must stop this devastating circle, listen to our heart and bring into being those things and ideas in which we believe – as explained in the Hierophant.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Sexual attraction  Shallowness, acting out of urges, relationship based on sexuality, addictions, lies, lack of authenticity, temptations, unfaithfulness.
Career  _  Exploitation, surrender to material temptations, getting bad advice, work addiction, harmful romance in the workplace, bad influence.

Areas of particular relevance:
Sexuality, urges, lies, temptations and unfaithfulness, bad consultants