The Lovers

The LoversThe laws of the universe dictate that we cannot progress regarding the issue at hand because our lives are too busy. We must first clear out what is unneeded, excessive, and that which is overburdening or delaying us. We then must then act with all our might to promote this issue.

One of the reasons we find it so hard to listen to ourselves is that our lives are simply too busy. We must, therefore, clear out everything that is not right for us. From this perspective anything can stand in our way -even if not directly related to the issue at hand. Only when everything in our lives finds its balance can we make the right choice regarding the issue at hand.

Many times the card indicates that we are facing a dilemma – such as if to enter a new relationship. Initially, it seems that we are too confused and do not know what do but just like in the Two of Coins, deep inside we know what is right for us. We therefore must ignore our fears and others’ opinions and simply follow our inner voice.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  If we listen to our heart we will find love.  Hesitation, fear of entering a relationship, fear of commitment, indecisiveness.
Career  _  We are overburdened, we find it hard to complete our tasks, we make compromises in our work.

Areas of particular relevance:
Dating several people in parallel, contemplations, difficulty in picking a partner