The Tower

The TowerThe laws of the universe urge us to check the foundation before moving forward with the rest of our project -or else we might face problems. If, however, we lay the groundwork correctly, if we get down into details and prepare ourselves for all potential problems, we will avoid, or reduce, hardship down the road.

The Tower calls upon us not rush forward. It instructs us not to make any obligations right here and now: not to buy that car, not sign that contract, etc.
The card clearly indicates that something is amiss with the issue at hand and that we need to methodically check it out. This is the perfect time to read the small print in the contract, to consult with an attorney, accountant or appraiser, or simply get insured.

The Tower warns us that we might experience some bumps down the road but if we lay a solid foundation we these bumps will only make us stronger. Furthermore, if we do our homework right and tie all the loose ends we might avoid the bumps altogether.

The Tower suggests to build a strong mutual basis with significant others, family members and friends. It also calls upon us to develop our personality -for example by engaging in various hobbies. This will allow us to develop a fuller and stronger personality, as well as a spiritual, stable and balanced life.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships _  Rush forward, be impulsive, get into sexuality too early in a relationship, or just base the whole relationship on sexuality.
Career  _  Tendency to take too many risks, not tie the loose ends, problems from our past reappear and cause hardship, trusting the wrong people, not spreading our risks, not keeping reserves where needed.

Areas of particular relevance:
Failures due to haste, loose foundation, sexuality, divorce, monetary losses